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The modern lifestyle today symbolizes excessive stress and strain, extended working hours, irregular eating habits and inadequate rest coupled with high level pollution and other factors which makes us more prone to cause health related disorders, let it be a physical or a psychological one. To cope with the rising risk, periodic and Preventive Health Monitoring has become mandatory.

We at Sarvodaya Hospital, being a strong believer of the above adage, have introduced a comprehensive range of Health check packages customized to address yours and your loved ones needs.

Why is it important to have a health check ?
Good Health is the foundation of a happy, productive and rewarded life. Many health problems can be prevented or managed more effectively, if detected early. Hence, its highly recommended to go for regular and periodic preventive health checks if you are nearing 30 or above for a timely assessment of prevailing health parameters.

Why Sarvodaya ?

  • State of the art infrastructure with advanced technology.
  • Personalized care and attention by acclaimed and experienced team
  • Timely reporting and report confidentiality
  • All tests available with strict adherence to Global Medical Safety Guidelines
  • Comprehensive and affordable tailor made package to suit your needs

Please read following instructions

  • Ensure prior appointment for hassle free experience. You can take appointment on the website or Sarvodaya mobile app also.
  • Kindly bring all your medical reports related to your previous illness.
  • Overnight fasting is required, No morning tea, milk, lime water to be taken.
  • Please wear comfortable clothes & foot wear as you may be required to change clothes.
  • Pregnant ladies and ladies probability of pregnancy are advised not go for X-ray & other test having radiation.
  • Stool samples (if applicable) should be brought in sterile containers. Containers can be collected from the health check-up department one day before the examination.
  • Do not wear contact lens on the day of check-up & preferably carry glasses alongwith you.
  • Kindly inform your diabetic status to co-ordinator in advance.
  • Cardiac patient should take the medication as specified by their doctor before check-up.
  • It will take about 3-4 hours for the check-up kindly plan your visit accordingly.
  • Please ensure that the bowel should be cleared of stool or gas before coming.
  • Bowel should be clear before coming.

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