Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Theranostics


The Centre for Nuclear Medicine at Sarvodaya Hospital is a state-of-the-art facility with the most advanced PET CT scan & Gamma Camera in North India. We are the first comprehensive cancer centre in North India to have a 4D PET CT, which is coupled with a 6D LINAC to offer precise results & effectively treat & cure cancer. We also have Gamma camera installed which offers comprehensive treatment for various conditions. These facilities ensure that any cancer specialist has the best imaging tools so that he can provide an accurate diagnosis, which will ultimately lead to a better treatment outcome.

The facilities & technology have been approved by the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, which is a testament to our concern for patient safety and health. With the latest technology, it is easier for the doctor to give an accurate diagnosis in one goes, saving a patient from all the trouble of having to redo any of their examinations, reducing their exposure to radiation comparatively.

With a team of specialized doctors & technicians, who are experts in handling the treatment and the technology along with the best facilities for comprehensive cancer care, we are one of the best hospitals for nuclear imaging & medicine in Northern India. 

PET/CT Scanner:  It gives a clear picture of the tiniest lesion in the body, which helps us detect cancers & tumours at a very early stage. We use this device for following treatments & services: 

  • Whole Body PET/CT SCAN
  • FDH for Cancer & Infection Imaging
  • FDOPA for Neuroendocrine Tumor, Parkinsonism and Brain Tumor Imaging
  • PSMA for Cancer Prostate
  • 68Ga Radio-Peptides

GAMMA: It is a dual head camera, which operates through various angles. It uses high resolution, three-dimensional functional images to provide accurate analysis for functional changes in tissue and organs. The GAMMA camera is used in the imaging process for a range of conditions including various cancer diseases. These are as follows:

1) Bone and Joints:

  • Whole body bone scan
  • Three phase bone scans

2) Cardiovascular:

  • First pass (cardiac) study
  • Gated blood pool (rest MUGA)

3) Endocrine:

  • MIBG scan
  • Tc Pertechnetate thyroid scan
  • Radioactive iodine uptake & scan (RAIU)

4) Gastrointestinal:

  • Salivary gland scan
  • GE reflux
  • Gastric emptying time
  • GI bleeding detection
  • Hepatobiliary Scan

5) Nervous System:

  • Brain SPECT (ECD / HMPAO / GHA) for Dementia
  • TRODAT scan for Parkinsonism 
  • GHA Brain SPECT

6) Respiratory System:

  • Lung ventilation scan
  • Lung perfusion scan
  • V-Q scan

7) Urinary System:

  • Renal cortical scan with DMSA 
  • Renal function scan with DTPA / LLEC / MAG-3
  • DRCG study
  • ACE inhibitor challenged renal dynamic scan
  • Renal transplant evaluation

8) Miscellaneous:

  • Lymphoscintigraphy
  • Venography
  • Testicular scan
  • Labelled leucocyte scan for infectious imaging 
  • Scintimammography

9) Radionuclide Therapy:

  • Iodine-131 for Graves’ disease, toxic multinodular goitre (toxic MNG) & autonomously functioning thyroid nodule (AFTN)
  • Iodine-131 for thyroid cancers
  • MIBG therapy
  • Lu-177 labelled radiopeptide therapy
  • Bone pain palliation
  • Radiosynovectomy


Sarvodaya Healthcare offers the best scanning experiences with the highest diagnostic capability & lowest exposure. The Advanced PET CT equipped with BGO crystals as PET detectors, with the latest 3-ring technology and Q Clear image reconstruction algorithm is coupled with 32 slices per second Multidetector CT. This makes our entire facility one of the best Imaging Centres, capable of the least scan time, excellent image resolution, various dynamic CT sequences and higher sensitivity; which detects the tiniest of lesions, with ease.

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