Infectious Disease

Infectious Diseases


The Centre for Infectious Diseases at Sarvodaya focuses on providing comprehensive care and treatment solutions for simple to complex infectious diseases. Some of the infectious diseases treated and managed by the team include general invasive infections, tropical diseases, HIV infections, organ transplant-related infections etc. 

The centre is staffed by doctors who are explicitly qualified in providing quality services, ensuring the complete safety and well-being of the patient. They provide a detailed description to the patient and their family members for the complete prevention and proper management of the problem. 

  • General infectious diseases including mycobacterial & NTM infections
  • Systemic fungal infections originate in the lungs or from endogenous flora and may spread to other organs. 
  • Surgical site infections that occur post-surgery
  • Tropical diseases and infections like dengue, yellow fever, rotavirus, AIDS etc.
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus(HIV) infections

The team also holds expertise in providing treatment to people whose immunity has been compromised after cancer chemotherapy, biologics intake, transplant infections and other diseases and infections caused due to low immunity. 

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