ENT & Cochlear Implant

ENT & Cochlear Implant


Practically every individual suffers from ENT problems like an earache, common cold, epistaxis sore throat, etc. The field of ENT is developing day by day with more and more surgeries being performed by microscopes & endoscopes making them minimally invasive. Our ENT department is simply par excellence, with continuously evolving surgical procedures, dynamic treatment options & dedicated team of medical professionals, who work together to help the patients with their basic sensory organs.

The Centre for ENT & Cochlear Implants offers a patient-centric approach in the treatment of several conditions related to the Ear, Nose & Throat. We excel in Cochlear Implant & treatment with our ultra-modern infrastructure and testing facilities such as the reliability of an Auditory Steady-State Response (ASSR) and Oto-Acoustic Emission (OAE) tests. Our labs also offer Ultrasound, X-Ray, CT & MRI facilities with the best machinery and technology.

We have a team of specialized ENT surgeons who have many achievements to their name, who are constantly aiming towards a progressive medical space for them as well as the future doctors to come. Our team of Nurses and Paramedical staff are trained to deliver round the clock emergency back up with the best ENT care services to all our patients.

Our Audiology & Speech Therapy Department is equipped with the best facilities for both Audiological diagnostics and speech-language rehabilitation. We have the latest Audiometry facilities to assesses & understand the patient's hearing and speech discrimination capability.  With our latest audiometry facilities, we offer a Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry (BERA) test that is used to evaluate the hearing level in children with hearing loss or pathological speech development issues.

Sarvodaya Hospital & Research Centre is the first hospital of Faridabad empanelled under ADIP scheme of Govt of India for performing Cochlear Implant. Sarvodaya Hospital is also the first Hospital to introduce CO2 LASER treatment of ENT in Faridabad

Pure tone audiometry: This test is done to diagnose the degree and type of hearing loss and identify hearing threshold levels of an individual.

Tympanometry: It uses variations of air pressure in the ear canal to identify the condition of the middle ear and eardrum mobility with the conduction bones.

BERA: We use Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry (BERA) to evaluate the hearing threshold and diagnose retro cochlear lesions to investigate suspected hearing loss or pathological speech development.

Nasal Endoscopy: Done by using thin endoscopes, it helps in investigating nasal and sinus packages.

Direct and indirect laryngoscopy: We use the latest laryngoscopes, which is a type of endoscope to investigate the parts of the throat such as vocal folds and the glottis.

Hearing aid trial & fittings: We have a range of excellent hearing aids selection and we provide patients with the best fitting ones based on objective and subjective measures.

Speech Therapy: We have trained speech therapist to help kids, teenagers or other patients with speech-related difficulties.

Tympanoplasty: This surgery is performed in adults and children to reconstruct the eardrum called tympanic membrane and small bones in the middle ear.  

Endoscopic Tympanomastoidectomy: This surgery is conducted to treat damaged eardrum and tissue due to repeated ear infections. In this surgery, the abnormal or infected tissue in the bony area behind the ear called mastoid is removed to repair the eardrum.

Endoscopic polypectomy: To remove the polyp of the vocal cord though invasive surgery using endoscopic technology.

Microlaryngeal surgery: To rectify the voice issues caused by the polyp growth of vocal cord growth polyps invasive microlaryngeal surgery is done with using latest laryngoscope.

Thyroid surgery: Commonly known as Thyroidectomy, this surgery is done to remove all or the part of the thyroid gland to treat thyroid cancer or other thyroid related illness.

ENT Oncology (Head & neck cancer):  We excel in treating head & neck cancer with our excellent ENT surgeons and the back up & support of our comprehensive Centre for Cancer Care (Oncology Department) led by globally acclaimed oncologists.  

Cochlear Implant: To restore the hearing power of people with severe hearing loss due to inner ear damage, an electronic cochlear implant or device is used in this surgery.

Sleep Apnoea surgery: This surgery is conducted to remove excess tissue from the soft palate and pharynx to treat sleep disorders.

Rhinoplasty: Commonly known as a nose job, this cosmetic surgery is done by acclaimed plastic surgeons to correct and reconstruct the nose either due to some deformity or due to trauma.

Skull base surgery:  This highly specialized minimally invasive surgery is done to treat the cancer or tumours located on the underside base of the skull & the upper vertebrae of the spinal column.

FESS: Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) is done to treat sinusitis and nasal polyps, including bacterial, fungal, recurrent & acute and chronic sinus problems.

We also offer Neck Dissection, Superficial & Total Parotidectomy, Submandibular Gland Excision, Facial Nerve Decompression, Laser Oral Surgery services & Routine ENT surgeries like Tonsillectomy, Septoplasty, and Polypectomy at our centre.

CO2 LASER is a game changer in the field of ENT and provides innumerable benefits to patients and the doctors.

Advantages of CO2 LASER Technique includes Precision Incision, Minimum Blood Loss, Suture Free Procedure, Minimal Thermal Damage to the Healthy Tissues, and Minimal Disturbance to the Structure, Nerves & Tissues.

Reduced Bleeding after Incision, Less Damage of Secondary Tissues, Early Healing & Less Scar are also few attractive features of this machine.

This machine has clear advantage for the diseases in Vocal Cord Nodules, Vocal Cord Cyst, Vocal Cord Polyp, Papilloma, Contact Pachydermia, Oral Leukoplakia, Oral Submucous Fibrosis etc.

This CO2 LASER machine gives the best result in treating Early Vocal Cord Carcinoma (Larynx Tumour). The use of Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy, or Cold Knife Surgery in the treatments of Trans-Oral Airway Cancer is associated with complications that can dramatically affect the facial appearance. Due to the delicacy and minimally invasive operative method, CO2 LASERS are increasingly becoming a first line treatment of early stage Airway Cancers, especially in the Larynx.

The versatility of the DUO module extends a doctor’s surgical capabilities and allows her/him to address a broad range of clinical indications in the operating room and in the outpatient environment. This machine provides a full suite of CO2 laser fiber and free beam surgical tools that are designated to precisely and delicately address clinical indications related to Head and Neck, Otology, Gynaecology and general surgery pathologies.

Surgical Excellence: Our surgical facilities include a range of therapies and surgery options including:

  • Hearing aid trial & fittings
  • Speech Therapy by a trained speech therapist
  • Tympanoplasty & Endoscopic Tympanomastoidectomy
  • Endoscopic polypectomy
  • Microlaryngeal surgery for vocal cord growth polyps
  • Thyroid surgery
  • ENT Oncology for Head & Neck Cancer treatment

We also offer a range of routine ENT surgeries such as Tonsillectomy, Septoplasty, Polypectomy, and Tympanoplasty with our team of best ENT surgeons and healthcare staff.

Diagnostic Facilities: Our diagnostic facilities are equipped with the latest machinery and equipment to offer the following tests:

  • Pure tone Audiometry
  • Tympanometry
  • BERA
  • Nasal Endoscopy
  • Direct and indirect laryngoscopy

We have a highly equipped OPD for everyday patients to provide them with the best healthcare services & our wards and surgery rooms are maintained in alignment with higher hygiene standards to ensure a patient’s better healthcare quality.

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