Emergency & Trauma

Emergency & Trauma


An emergency can happen at any moment, and never comes knocking! Hence, it is important to be prepared & ready to tackle any emergency/accident/trauma situation. At Sarvodaya Hospital’s Centre for Emergency & Trauma Care, we imbibe the hospital’s philosophy of ‘Good Health for All’ & aim to provide timely, efficient, & affordable care to all. At Sarvodaya Hospital, we offer a dedicated service for emergency and trauma cases with our modern facilities & provide prompt diagnosis and treatment for life-threatening emergency cases.

The Centre for Emergency & Trauma is equipped with the best facility & latest technology to handle Adult and Pediatric trauma cases. Our ACLS and ATLS trained Emergency Physicians and staff ensures the 24x7 function of this department. With a DNB Emergency Medicine program running, the physicians are up-to-date with the developments in their field and are oriented towards research and training. They are trained to work according to international standards and protocols & are capable of handling all kinds of emergency cases from minor injuries or symptoms, to major trauma.

The centre offers patient-centred, timely care for our patients to make sure they overcome their emergency safely, with minimum collateral damage! The centre has a 21 Bedded Emergency ward with a dedicated triage section to treat a large number of patients or casualties, a separate waiting area, equipment maintenance, in-house lab investigations and a resuscitation bay with fully equipped procedure rooms dedicated to the Centre for Emergency & Trauma.

The emergency medical care is backed by a team of highly qualified consultants, trained EMOs, DNB residents, nurses, paramedics, housekeeping and security who work together to ensure a higher level of comprehensive care for emergency & trauma cases.

Many basic processes & protocols are in place for conditions like Head injuries, Myocardial Infarction, Stroke, Sepsis, Major Trauma, which require immediate Triage. The centre is also equipped with the latest defibrillator, ventilator, ABG Monitor, Ultrasound, X-Ray, CT, MRI facilities

Poisoning cases including Medico-Legal Cases: The centre is equipped with efficient staff to handle poisoning cases and to evaluate medico-legal cases.

Triage of patients including Disaster Planning: The patient triage department is equipped with the best technology to handle a large number of emergency patients effectively and smoothly.

Burns (up to 20%): The best emergency team & medical facilities support the centre by treating burn patients with up to 20% burns.

Trauma Services: To handle different kinds of trauma cases, the centre has an experienced team of specialists backed by the best technology.

Defibrillator: We use the latest enhanced Defibrillators that can restore a normal heartbeat by sending an electric shock to the heart. The device is often used to rectify arrhythmia when heartbeats go uneven or slow down or get faster.

Ventilator: To support the emergency patients, we have the latest technology enhanced ventilators which are capable enough to provide mechanical ventilation to the patients unable to breathe sufficiently.

ABG: We have the best Arterial Blood Gas Determination (ABGs) technology that is required to monitor derangements in acid-base balance, oxygenation, and ventilation for critically ill patients.

USG: Our diagnosis facility has the best ultrasound scan test which is required to treat emergency cases.

  • 24 X 7 Emergency Medical & Surgical Services: Our emergency services are equipped with the latest technology to provide emergency medical & surgical services round-the-clock.
  • Hospital Disaster Planning: A well-planned disaster management system is laid out to handle a large number of emergency cases at once.
  • Ambulance Services: Ambulance services are offered to the surrounding industrial belt and residential area in Faridabad to support emergency incidents.
  • Diagnostic Facilities: With the best scanning & diagnostics facilities with the latest X-Ray, CT Scan & MRI machine, the centre offers optimum image quality with reduced chances of re-imaging.
  • Resuscitation Bay: The centre offers In-house Lab investigations and a Resuscitation Bay with a fully equipped procedure room.

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