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We believe that your smile is the greatest representation of your personality. At Sarvodaya Healthcare, we understand the importance of teeth, both functionally & aesthetically, while aspiring to create beautiful, natural smiles that will last you a lifetime.

The Centre for Dental Care is equipped with the latest dental technology and infrastructure. Our dental surgeons are specialized in their respective fields and offer extraordinary dental care to each of our patients. It is a multispecialty dental care centre specializing in Maxillofacial Surgery & Cosmetic Dentistry. Since its inception, the centre has been providing efficient dental care services for all routine and specialized dental procedures.

Backed by a comprehensive dental set up comprising of the latest designed dental chair units, Digital RVG X-Rays, best surgical and restorative instruments, we offer patient-centric healthcare services.

The centre prides itself for delivering effective, functional and long-lasting treatment, in a pleasing, calm and caring environment. The paramedical staff is particularly trained to guide and assist the patients in a manner to ensure complete satisfaction.

Smile Makeover & Designing: Our cosmetic dentistry specialist understands your keenness to groom your appearance and thus offers new smile makeovers and design services.

Orthodontic treatments: We excel in treating dental conditions with our specialized orthodontists. Be it fixing a facial ortho reconstruction or shaping dental imperfection, we treat everything with perfection.

Implantology: We offer high-end dental implant services and advanced surgical procedures to make your smile look beautiful.

Crown and bridge: We offer the best-designed crowns & bridges made up of all types of ceramic including veneers so that you can get the best-suited ones.

Periodontal services: We excel in periodontal services with our specialized periodontists who offer excellent care for scaling and root planning, deep cleaning, crown lengthening and dental implants.

Paediatric dentistry: Our dental surgeon operating in the paediatric dentistry department excels in providing the best oral treatment for the child since birth to adolescence.

Maxillofacial surgery: Maxillofacial Surgery is an umbrella term that encompasses surgical treatment of variety of diseases, defects and injuries that occur in head, neck, face or jaws. It can be in the hard or soft mouth tissues, in the maxillofacial area. Attention to details in restoring the hard and soft tissues of their face is of prime importance in maxillofacial surgery, as it is more than just a wound.

Tooth Whitening: Part of cosmetic dentistry, we hold the best equipment to whiten and shine your off-shade teeth.

Lifelike restoration and C- Restorative Dentistry: We offer smile or face restoration with our best dental surgeons and orthodontists.

Implants: We use customized prosthetic dental implants made to order as per individual. The implants are made of various ceramics, metals and veneers as per individual suitability and treatment need..

OPG: Our enhanced OPG or Orthopantomogram offers clear panoramic scan for the upper & lower jaw. It’s a kind of digital X-Ray that gives a 2D view of the entire jawline from ear to ear.

Implants set up: We have the best dental implant facilities that specialize in implanting customized durable prosthetic implants conforming to US & European standard.

Bleaching Units: Our dental bleaching units with high-end infrastructure ensure whiter teeth.  

Standard Chairs: The dental chairs we have are the latest ones, which offer sturdiness & support during the dental procedures.

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