Sarvodaya Hospital has an extremely skillful department of Anesthesia with one of the finest and highly qualified team of anesthesiologists. We provide a comprehensive range of anesthetic services to support surgeries, critical care, and pain management. Department of anesthesia utilizes most advanced, safe and patient-centric techniques to ensure 100% patient safety before, during and after anesthetic procedures.

We aim to provide specialized care and planning for all surgical specialties that include Neurosurgery, Cardiology, Pediatrics, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Neonatal, Oncology, General surgeries, ENT, Plastic surgery and Renal Transplant and other departments.

Recently our department received appreciation for successfully anesthetizing a premature baby weighing 1.16 kg for craniotomy.


Anesthesia services are available for both inpatient and outpatient surgeries.


  • Local anesthesia: numbs a small area of the body
  • Conscious or intravenous sedation: mild sedative to relax the patient and pain medicine to relieve pain
  • Regional anesthesia: blocks pain in a targeted area of the body, such as an arm or leg. For example - Epidural anesthesia during childbirth
  • General anesthesia: acts on the whole body
  • Peripheral Nerve Blocks: Blocks transmission of ‘pain signals’ to brain from target area of the body without affecting the physiology of the patient. Thus, they are the most effective and safest mode of Anesthesia and pain relief.

Before conducting any procedure anesthesiologist conducts a preoperative assessment of the patient followed by a detailed evaluation for comparing current health condition with that of the planned outcome. Based on the assessment most appropriate anesthetic procedure is selected. After the completion of procedure, well-being of the patient is ensured while they are recovering from the effects of anesthesia.

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