Blood Centre

Blood Centre


Blood is a vital tissue of our body that is used as drug as well as in different medical condition ranging from simple anaemia to leukemia. It’s also important in patient who have sustained trauma and are undergoing surgery.

The science of blood transfusion has advanced in many ways that today we use only a specific component of blood when required SHRC’S blood bank is an advanced blood bank, in this sense and we are upgrading ourselves at regular interval.

  • Functions 24*7

  • All components are available

  • PRBC

  • FFP

  • Random plasma concentrate

  • Apheresis platelets

  • Strict donor safety criteria

  • Strict TTI checkup

  • Extra safe

NAT testing(Nucleic acid testing) viral makes for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV which helps to reduce window period for detection of these viral infections making the blood extra safe.

Support to Thalassemia, a CSR initiative

We, as our CSR activity, are providing free blood and blood transfusion facility to select thalassemic patients referred to us by foundation against thalassemia.

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