Things you should know about robotic knee replacement surgery

10 Feb,22

Knee Replacement Surgery, also known as Knee Arthroplasty, is a surgery in which a damaged portion of a knee is replaced with an artificial knee joint that aids in the restoration of function while causing no discomfort. An orthopaedic surgeon evaluates the knee's range of motion, stability, strength, and plans the surgery. Before recommending a knee replacement, X-rays or CT Scans are used to determine the extent of the damage.

We are very well aware of the fact that every surgery has its pros and cons. Well, the traditional surgical procedures aren't different; they might provide you relief from pain but also carry few risks that could deteriorate your quality of life while causing much more discomfort. To reduce this threat Robotic Joint Replacement has emerged as a boon for patients and surgeons both.

What is Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery? How is it better?

The Robotic Knee Replacement is the most advanced surgical solution that has significantly lowered knee replacement risks and improved quality of life for patients. In such type of surgery, the surgeon can pre-plan the entire surgery way before entering the operation theatre using robotic software, can select the right implant and its positioning. The most important advantage is the precise cutting of the damaged bone area that was earlier done manually by a surgeon using a saw, can be done by a robotic arm bringing higher precision.

With rising use of technology in knee replacement, there are many robots that are used by surgeons, passive, semi active etc. The most advanced in the line is CUVIS JOINT ROBOT SYSTEM – Fully Active Robot in Joint Replacement.

The Cuvis system uses 3Ps, namely Personalized Pre-planning, Pre-selection and Precise Cutting. Way before the actual surgery, a CT scan of patient’s knee creates a 3D model on which the surgeon can plan the entire surgery, including incisions and knee implant. Smart pre-selection allows the surgeon to select the right implant and decides its alignment. All this data is calibrated into the robot and during the surgery CUVIS robotic arm cuts the damaged bone area with unmatched precision. The unique 3P formula significantly eliminates the risk barriers and result in better outcome.

How does surgery performed by Cuvis Joint Robot System benefit patients?

Surgery done through Cuvis Joint Robot System assures better precision and perfection, it benefits patients in many ways:-

  • Customized - Patients' surgery is pre-planned and virtual surgery simulation help surgeons perform complex surgeries better than before.
  • Less bone loss - Enhanced accuracy in cutting assures that only the damaged bone tissue is removed and the healthy sections remain untouched.
  • Better recovery – With less bone loss, less blood loss and maximum ligament preservation, the surgeon can gift their patient a natural knee that helps the patients gain normal movement faster without any pain.
  • No miscalculated errors - The involvement of Artificial Intelligence will significantly reduce the risk of human error.

How is it better?

As compared to traditional procedure of knee replacement surgery that was accompanied with many health risks, CUVIS Joint Robot System results in less trauma caused to bones and tissues. This further eliminates the chances of revised surgeries. Amongst all in North India, CUVIS Joint is the only robot which is autonomous in complete sense. Other options of robot just act as a guiding system for surgeon and thus possess the risk of intra-operative human errors. These systems are called as passive or semi-active, whereas CUVIS Joint is of active nature which does have a robotic arm but is passive, the surgeon holds the same and performs the cutting of bone area.

Why Sarvodaya Healthcare?

Sarvodaya Healthcare strives for excellence. With the launch of the CUVIS JOINT ROBOT SYSTEM, we are not only empowering our surgeons but our patients too. The benefits that come along are:

  • Less bone loss, ligament loss, and blood loss - The robotic arm establishes boundaries to minimize bone loss. Ligament Preservation as a Result
  • Best implant placing with maximum cutting accuracy, which aids in faster recovery, overall longevity, and implantation durability.
  • Real-time monitoring via the robot's console, with an intra-operative plan, changes possible.
  • Human intervention is kept to a minimum, which decreases the likelihood of infection.
  • Surgery is led by expert surgeons who have been recognized for their work and have been facilitated by the most prestigious awards.

We ensure our patients are in good hands. The robotic knee replacement surgery at our hospital is led by expert surgeons who have been recognized for their work and have been facilitated by the most prestigious awards. To know more, book an appointment.