Spine Surgery Risks and Complications This is What You Should Discuss with Your Doctor

24 Feb,23

The spinal cord is a thin tube-like network structure which serves the purpose of providing connectivity from the brain to the body. It is fragile and absolutely crucial for the functioning of the human body. Surgeries are dangerous regardless of the body part. However, spine surgery could have much more risky consequences in case of any mishap, but with expert skills and optimum care, the surgery results in better outcomes. Here is the list of 10 complications which can rise after spine surgery. Consult a doctor or a specialist if you observe any complications after spine surgery in India

  1. Lung Infection Lungs deliver oxygen to every part of the body and are an essential part of our system. Post-spine surgery, anaesthesia can hinder the functioning of lungs, resulting in lung infection. Hence, spine specialists in Faridabad recommend taking proper care of your lungs after the surgery. Deep breathing exercises and removing sputum produced in lungs is necessary to ensure lung care.

  2. Anesthesia Linked Complications Prior to any surgical procedure, anaesthesia is provided to the patient to make them unconscious or numb any body part. General anaesthesia is usually given in case of spine surgery. However, the patient can possibly show a reaction to the anaesthesia given. To make sure this procedure goes hassle free, consider getting your operation done in one of the finest spine surgery hospitals in Faridabad.

  3. Blood Clots Thrombophlebitis is when your blood starts clotting to stop blood loss during the surgery. It results in swelling of a particular part (especially the legs) of the body. Expert doctors in Sarvodaya Hospital have performed several complex spine surgeries in Faridabad successfully with best results.

  4. Risk of Infection Although the chances of infections in spine surgery is >1%, you should still consult your surgeon if any redness or swelling is observed in your wounds. Antibiotic medications will come to aid for such cases.

  5. Pseudoarthrosis Pseudoarthrosis or ‘false joint’, screws and plates used in spine surgery can damage overtime and cause more pain. Bone grafting, metal part replacement or electrical stimulator can help with this.

  6. Implant Migration Implant migration is when an implant gets dislocated from the position where surgeons fixed it. It can take place after a few days of the surgery. To put the implant back into its original position, surgeons may need to perform another surgery.

  7. Hardware Fractures Hardware fracture is the term used when the metal hardware such as screw, plate and rod get broken or fractured. To fix this, another surgery is done where the hardware is removed or replaced. Spine specialists in Faridabad are well qualified to perform such critical operations.

  8. Sexual Dysfunction Your spinal cord is responsible for any movement or sensation in your body. By any chance, a nerve in your spine gets damaged during surgery, it can lead to sexual dysfunction.

  9. Injury in Spinal Cord As spine is made of millions of nerves which form a network of connectivity in your body. If your spinal cord gets injured during the spine surgery, it can result in paralysis in parts of your body.

  10. Chronic Pain Spinal cord is made out of a chain like structure with repeating segments. The body's load is equally distributed to each of these segments. If one of these segments is damaged, it can cause unfair distribution of load to some segments. This can lead to chronic pain in the spinal cord, known as transitional syndrome.


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