14 Apr,21

As a parent, we always prefer to provide everything best for our child’s healthy and timely growth. We ensure that things should first pass through our quality checks before they go to our kid. We know what is best for them; after all they are just like us, OUR MINISELVES!

But when it’s about their health or disease management, we must understand that a child’s body is different and need vastly different medical care. So, we better not keep things in our hand and consult the expert.

Role of paediatrician in ensuring a child’s good health

Paediatricians are specially trained professionals who treat children from newborn to adolescence. 

  • They are experts in diagnosing, and treating congenital, chronic, or infectious conditions in children. 

  • They not only treat the condition but can also help you manage the effects of several health disorders on the physical, nutritional, & intellectual wellness of kids.

  • They also work for children’s preventive care, assist in achieving growth milestones and deliver helpful parenting tips.

Paediatricians support children as well as their families, to understand, cope and get through the medical process of child’s minor or severe ailment, disability, trauma, injury, or hospitalization with minimized stress or trauma. They are experts in ensuring a child-friendly environment that is comfortable for child as well as parents, siblings & other caregivers.  

At Sarvodaya Healthcare, we provide a complete child care with a comprehensive team of child specialists delivering advanced medical care in Gastroenterology, Neurology, Orthopaedics, Neonatology & Intensive Care, Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery, Oncology, ENT & Cochlear Implant, and Endocrinology bringing all Paediatric Specialties under one roof. 

We offer:

  • We have a Round-the-Clock availability of pediatricians 

  • Advanced technology for timely diagnosis & medical procedures

  • World-Class Infrastructure delivering Basic to Intensive Care

  • Tertiary Level NICU equipped with latest facilities

  • Hi-tech equipment for monitoring & management of newborn babies

  • Renowned for treating babies with very low birth weight (aged 28 days or less)

Your child is your biggest responsibility and ensuring the best medical care to them is our priority.