Importance of Yoga During This Pandemic

23 Jun,20

Yoga, is a word that became popular across the world in the last few years. Yoga is not only beneficial for the body but also for the mind. It helps to improve blood flow and helps in building mind clarity. For ages, yoga was known to be beneficial for our physical & mental health. It not only help us to stay calm but also help us to lose weight.

During this ongoing coronavirus pandemic, when we are all bound to live a restricted life under the constant fear of infection risks, it is natural for anyone to develop anxiety. The continuous flow of negative news, the inadequacy of daily resources, everything is adding to this growing anxiety and depression. Being confined at home for such long periods of time, can be mentally challenging for us. When our mind is flooded with the uncertainty of the future, we often experience sleepless nights causing fatigue. Many of us are unable to relax our mind during this time thereby increasing the stress on our minds. 

During this time, it is important to understand that mental health is very important for survival. To help with this growing level of anxiety and depression, we must lead a healthy lifestyle, stay connected to our loved ones, and practice yoga at home.

Why yoga?

Continuous anxiety or stress can manifest many health conditions such as high blood pressure, muscle tension, breathing issues, etc. Stress is the element that triggers our sympathetic nervous system causing all these health issues and in such situations, yoga can help us to stay calm. The posture and asanas of yoga help us to reduce muscle tension, joint issues and relax our sympathetic system, resulting in a relaxed mind. There are a lot of yoga poses which help us to manage our blood pressure level and anxiety. Yoga also teaches us to regulate our breath, which can make a person feel relaxed and at peace. 

Yoga during the pandemic

To live through this lockdown & pandemic period, yoga is the best thing to adopt as a lifestyle habit. It helps us build a strong physical, mental and spiritual health system. When combined with breathing and meditation, it acts as the best element to take care of our mind, body and soul. There are different forms of yoga that can help us to stay physically strong and mentally balanced. It could also be something you can motivate others in your family & social circle to do, as it could help them get through these times easily & healthily. Just like a normal walk in the park or 30 minutes of hard-core gym exercising, Yoga brings its own flavour and benefits to the table, which can be performed by people of all ages, and provides you with a holistic sense of health, which is especially required during these times.