Precision Oncology is the latest and most advanced approach to cancer treatment that provides personalized and precision cancer care. It delivers a specific treatment plan that is tailored as per the patient's genetic data. Hence, bringing a treatment plan made just for them that is based on an individual's DNA-based information. 

To deliver a better and personalized treatment to cancer patients, we at Sarvodaya Cancer Institute implement Precision Oncology by bringing latest technology, drugs and advancements in cancer treatment.

Genetic Testing
DNA-based diagnosis is a high-end and deep dive diagnosis technique that unlocks the real cause of disease. It evaluates the gene mutations of your cancer to predict how it might behave and tells how fast cancer might spread. In addition to this, it can help doctors to advise the right treatment that might work best against it.

Nuclear Medicine Diagnosis 
With state-of-the-art and highly advanced machines like DISCOVERY IQ PET CT, we deliver scans that can diagnose detailed functions of the body organs, rather than simply showing what they look like. These high-end scans are particularly helpful for investigating cancer cases to evaluate the stage and how well it's responding to the given treatment.

At Sarvodaya, we are in compliance with the latest International Guidelines on National Comprehensive Cancer Network and stay updated with all the latest drugs available for cancer treatment. 

Radiation Therapy
Bringing advancement in the delivery of radiation dose with the perfect coupling of Versa HD 6D Couch LINAC and 4D PET CT Scanner. The combination of both increases the potential to cure with the highest precision with less toxicity, ensuring patients have the safest, most comfortable treatment.

Nuclear Medicine Therapy 
Nuclear Medicine Therapy is the latest and high-end targeted cancer treatment that is available in very few hospitals. Being the only hospital in Faridabad to have all types of Nuclear Medicine Therapies, we provide highly accurate evaluation and destruction of targeted cancer cells, causing negligible side effects like hair loss and weakness.

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