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Why Choose Us?

Sarvodaya Hospital is driven by the philosophy - “Sarve Santu Nirmaya meaning Health for All”.

Finest Professionals Across, advanced Nuero & Spine Surgery, Cardiac Surgery & Interventional Cardiology, Joint Replacement, Minimal Access Surgery, Internal Medicine, Diabetes, Critical Care, Pulmonology, Mother & Child


A vision to cure with care,Doctors with time-tested bonds of trust with patients,Very own institute for nurses and paramedical sta to ensure high standards of personalised care,Committed to provide world-class healthcare to all sections of society


128 Slice CT Scanner, DEXA, S7-3D Ultrasound Machine, 1.5 Tesla MRI, Advanced Surgical Procedures, Minimal Access Surgery, Advanced Laboratory Equipment

World-class Technology

Multi-level Care - Primary Care, Secondary Care, Tertiary Care, High-end Surgeries with Advanced Imaging, High-end Support, Blood Bank, Ambulance, Pharmacy

Healthcare Hub


Combining the best specialists and equipment to provide you nothing short of the best in healthcare

Meet Our Specialists


Dr. Sujoy Bhattacharjee attended as Faculty of Masterclass 1 -Sigma Partial Complex & Revision Hip Arthroplasty at the Chulalongkorn University in Chula Soft Cadaver Surgical Training Centre, Bangkok.

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CSR Initiative

Health Blogs

Transient Ischemic Stroke - Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment (blog)
Transient Ischemic Stroke - Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment (blog)

Stroke is known as the silent killer due to its sudden nature and it remains one ...

Dr. Pankaj Dawar
03 Jan 19
What to Do When You Have Tremor? (blog)
What to Do When You Have Tremor? (blog)

Tremor is an involuntary, rhythmic muscle movement of one or more parts of ...

Dr. Ritu Jha
02 Jan 19