Doctor Details

Dr. Hemani Sarbadhikari
  • Name
    Dr. Hemani Sarbadhikari
  • Address
    Sarvodaya Health Clinic
  • Designation
    Dietitian - Dietetics
  • Department

    Dietetics & Nutrition

Dr. Hemani Sarbadhikari

Clinical Dietitian, Diabetes Educator, Insulin Pump Trainer, and Sports Nutritionist.


  • Weight Management
  • Type I, Type II GDM
  • Insulin Management
  • PCOS Diet
  • Thyroid Diet
  • Skin Diet
  • Renal Diet
  • Critical Care Diet
  • Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy Diet


  • PHD
  • MSc
  • BSc
  • Diploma in Sports Nutrition
  • Diploma in Animal Nutrition
  • Certified Yoga Trainer 



13+ years of Experience

  • Asian Hospital
  • Pushpanjali Crosslay
  • W Pratiksha
  • DHLI
  • TMC


  • Best Nutritionist and wellness expert by PG3 news 2019-2020
  • Awarded as the best employee of the month twice at Asian Institute of Medical Science
  • Best Dietician of the year 2016-17 by ACS media
  • Chairperson of Nutrition team: PCOS Society India

Other Information

Languages Known:

Hindi, English, Punjabi and Bengali

Professional Memberships:

  • PCOS Society of India
  • IDA - Indian Dietetics Association
  • Celiac Society of India
  • Association of Diabetes Educator


International journal of yoga in 2009

Seminars Presented: 

  • Had conducted the antenatal classes with Asian hospital and Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital every Saturday for the pregnant women
  • Importance of food-drug and drug-food interaction at Apollo Hospital, Delhi (2008)
  • “Nutritional significance of walnut” at the Dept. of PGSR, SNDT Mumbai, Juhu Campus(2007)
  • Biological significance of cell signaling and calcium’ at the Dept. of PGSR, SNDT, Juhu campus, Mumbai (2008).
  • ‘Iron and Oxidative Stress’ at the Dept. of PGSR, SNDT, Juhu campus, Mumbai (2008).
  • Role of various yog- asana and pranayamns on the lipid profile at the Dept. of PGSR, SNDT, Juhu campus, Mumbai (2008).
  • Nutrition Care in Diabetes at Asian Institute of medical sc. (2010)
  • Nutrition care in Oncology at Pushpanjali crosslay hospital(2011)
  • Speaker with P7 news channel for Pushpanjali crosslay hospital(2011).
  • Conducted the CME on Quality assurance in food and nutrition at Pushpanjali crosslay hospital (2011).
  • Had a speaker for British Biological for their CME on Diet in Renal and Diabetes (2012)
  • Taking antenatal with Pushpanjali Crosslay hospital and dealing with departmental administration work
  • Cooperate training of new joining of Product technical development(2014)
  • Training to Nursing staff and Dieticians on Insulin Pump therapy at DHLI (2015)
  • Had a speaker ,Complication in renal Nutrition for Abott Nutrition at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (2016)