Top 7 Myths vs. Scientific Facts of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

12 Mar,20

Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in India has brought several misconceptions and rumors with it. Myths are spreading faster than the viral infection itself. At this crucial time, it is very important not to panic and information should be consumed from authorized sources only – healthcare providers, medical institutions, government portals, WHO, etc. are the authentic bodies.

As a trusted healthcare provider, Sarvodaya Hospital & Research Centre and its Centre for Respiratory Disease & Sleep Disorder has come up with the real facts and urge people to shred the myths about Coronavirus.

Coronavirus Myth 1 - Antibiotics can prevent and treat coronavirus infection.

Fact – NO, antibiotics cannot treat viral infection. They are used to kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria. The Coronavirus strain - 2019-nCoV belongs to a large family of viruses and, therefore antibiotics cannot be the preventive measure.

Coronavirus Myth 2 – Coronavirus affects older people only.

Fact – People from all age group are susceptible to coronavirus infection. However, older people and people suffering from medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes, or any heart disease, or with low immunity are more vulnerable to this viral infection.

Coronavirus Myth 3 – Regularly rinsing nose with saline can help prevent coronavirus infection.

Fact – NO, regularly rinsing nose with water, saline or any chemical can’t prevent coronavirus infection. It may help in getting quick relief from the common cold and prevent other respiratory infections.

Coronavirus Myth 4 – Putting on sesame oil on skin kills coronavirus or prevents them from entering the body?

Fact – Sesame oil can’t kill or prevent coronavirus. Few chemicals that do kill COVID-19 on surfaces include bleach/chlorine-based disinfectants, ether solvents, 75% ethanol, peracetic acid, and chloroform.

Coronavirus Myth 5 – Eating garlic help prevent infection of COVID-19 coronavirus.

Fact – Garlic is healthy food and is loaded with antimicrobial properties but, it has no such antiviral effects which can cure coronavirus infection.

Coronavirus Myth 6 – The pneumonia vaccine can prevent coronavirus infection.

Fact – NO, the vaccine used for pneumonia does not provide any protection against the coronavirus infection. COVID-19 is a new virus and researchers are trying to develop an effective vaccination for the same. But, currently, we have no vaccine for coronavirus.

Coronavirus Myth 7 – Applying cow dung or consuming cow urine can cure or prevent coronavirus infection.

Fact – Absolutely NO, There is no scientific evidence that cow dung or cow urine can cure COVID-19.