Tips To Keep in Mind While Choosing a Gynaecologist

19 Jan,23

Are you experiencing heavy menstrual bleeding, unusual cramps, or other intense symptoms? Then you need to see a gynecologist. Even a healthy woman should also get regular check-ups done to ensure that her reproductive system is healthy, and remains in that way. To ensure good health, one needs to consult a highly experienced and qualified doctor, who can guide them through various health issues, treatments & more. Choosing a right gynaecologist is important for you to be able to feel comfortable with them and share all your issues without any apprehension. While there are many factors to be considered before choosing a doctor for yourself, make sure they have adequate experience in the field and can help you in the decision-making process.. This becomes even more crucial if one is trying to conceive or get pregnant, as during that time, they need someone with extensive knowledge to guide them and resolve all the queries.

Here are some tips you should keep in mind while choosing a gynaecologist for yourself –

Highly Recommended

A well-experienced and qualified gynaecologist helps you feel comfortable and easy while discussing your intimate health issues. They make the health journey smooth and safe. The best way to ensure their clinical excellence is to learn more about their medical credentials, years of experience and patient reviews. You can get access to all this information on the hospital/clinic’s website or social media pages. For example, at Sarvodaya Hospital, you can find all the relevant details about our medical practitioner’s qualifications and experience on our website. It’s always best to know about the doctor before you even go for a check-up. You can also take references from friends, family, and colleagues, or ask your family physician.

Health History

A patient’s previous health records or overall history is important while choosing the best gynaecologist. If one has certain medical conditions such as diabetes or heart disease then they might need a higher level of care with regard to their gynaecology problems. If a patient already has certain health conditions and is trying to get pregnant, they need special expertise to guide them through high-risk obstetric care.

The Hospital

A hospital’s infrastructure plays a greater role in ensuring the right diagnosis and treatment. When it comes to health, one not only requires advanced technology & expertise, but an overall hygienic environment to ensure the best outcomes and avoid other infections. Here are some points to consider while choosing the right hospital for one’s gynaecology treatment:

  • Is it accessible from their location?
  • What level of care does the hospital provide?
  • Do they offer any health education sessions?
  • Do they have all the latest diagnostic technologies required? (This needs some prior research at the patient’s end)


Accessibility is important, especially during the pregnancy and post-natal period. Even if one has any chronic gynaecological issue, quick access to the doctor and hospital is necessary as in both cases, they may need to visit their gynaecologist frequently. Accessibility in terms of distance and a doctor’s availability to get connected at odd times are crucial factors that must be considered before shortlisting a gynaecologist. For example, if one has a high-risk pregnancy, they might need telephonic advice at odd times and in such cases, their gynaecologist’s accessibility is significant. Distance is highly considered in the case of chronic emergencies or pregnancy periods. The hospital or doctor should not be too far from the patient. At Sarvodaya Hospital, we make sure that all our doctors, especially gynaecologists stay accessible to take prompt action whenever it's necessary.

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