Second Opinion on Cancer Treatment: Second Chance in Life

25 Feb,21

Cancer is counted amongst some of the severely fatal diseases across the globe. In fact, it is the second biggest cause of casualties worldwide after cardiac arrest. In spite of enough technological advancement in medical care, cancer continues to pose threat to mankind and our society.

Seeking a second opinion refers to patients taking a secondary advice on his/her diagnosis or treatment procedure by another cancer specialist to substantiate their diagnosis and treatment plan. According to studies, around 30% of the patients who sought a second opinion found that the alternate advice varied a lot from the initial treatment and in the majority of cases the latter turned out to be much beneficial.

Although opting for second opinions is an old concept, it has been gaining much popularity in recent times. In a disease like cancer where the patient is already facing a scarcity of time, availing a second opinion helps you make a well-informed decision about your treatment. It may also present you with advanced treatment options, if they are accessible for your cancer stage and type. 

Enlisted below are the reasons why you should refer to a second opinion:

  • To evaluate your diagnosis
  • To ensure you are administered the best treatment
  • To re-assert what you have already been told about your condition and treatment
  • In case you lack connection with your current doctor

The advantages you might reap by consulting another doctor:

  • It reassures you that your diagnosis and treatment are going right as different doctors agree on the same.
  • You can have options for your cancer care if the second doctor offers a different treatment procedure

How to prepare for your appointment when seeking a second opinion?

  • Decide your objective prior to the appointment
  • Making a note of your symptoms and any treatment you've already had
  • Jotting down your queries.
  • Taking all the relevant medical information you might have about your condition

Second opinion is supposed to be comprehensive, which embraces every possible perspective, when performed by a multidisciplinary team, which usually includes surgeons, radiation therapists, oncologists, and sub-specialist oncologists.

A second opinion is a section of the informative process that is vital for cancer patients. The cancer treatment has evolved a lot in the recent past. Therefore, certain cancers are now more treatable than they once were, especially if the initial treatment is selected appropriately. Hence, the patients must understand the type of cancer in order to know and understand the different treatment options available and choose the right one.