Project Ubuntu - “I Am, Because You Are”, the spirit we need to fight off COVID-19

17 Jun,21

An interesting African Philosophy talks about ‘way of living’ as “I am because you are”. It says that our sense of self is sculpted by our relationships with other beings. Beautifully, its meaning & value is globally accepted in the ongoing pandemic, wherein the safety of one is safety for all.

This primarily focuses that no one shall get affected, hence, no one shall spread the virus; therefore, the chain shall break; which is what can be referred to as “developing a consensus around what affects & benefits the population”.

A virus, as highly contagious as COVID-19, needs two active ideologies to stay in control. One, to create herd safety, through the basic precautionary habits of mask-wearing, hand hygiene, & social distancing. Second, to create herd immunity, through the mass administration of vaccination.

Role of COVID Vaccination in Project Ubuntu

All of us will be protected when each one of us is vaccinated #WeAreInThisTogether

Vaccines contain harmless protein (or viral vectors) from the virus (instead of the active virus) that causes COVID-19. These proteins build components of immune responses in your body against the virus and also generate a future immunity to fight off COVID in case one gets infected. As everyone becomes immune, it is referred to as herd or population immunity, as says Project Ubuntu “I am, because you are”.

We are considered fully protected from severe-COVID, only two weeks after our second shot of vaccine. It reduces the likelihood of hospitalization & mortality. In the meanwhile, and post both the doses as well, we are dutifully required to protect ourselves and others.

Vaccines in India: Covishield & Covaxin

“Two powerful soldiers in the war with COVID-19”

India is swiftly scaling up for COVID Immunization. Covishield and Covaxin are the doses distributed & administered all over India. Both the vaccines are eliciting good responses in terms of antibody development.




  Dose Gap

    4-8 weeks

    12-16 weeks





    18 & above

     18 & above



The vaccines are not only effective, but have several other benefits too, such as: un-quarantined lifestyle- a new normal blended with old normal; end of COVID based news, stress & anxiety; & so on.

Vaccination after COVID-19 infection

If one becomes COVID positive, should one go for a vaccine?

In case one gets COVID-19 infected & recovers, then the person is advised to wait for 90 days from the day one tests positive, to get the vaccine. However, if a person gets affected after the first dose, then the person is required to wait for 60 days to get the next shot.

In order to create safety and immunity for everyone, we all must get administered with complete doses of vaccines. That is how we will truly be adhering to the empathetic philosophy of UBUNTU.

Resort for Safe Vaccination

At Sarvodaya Healthcare, we have thorough arrangement of vaccination & post-vaccine observation. We have separate vaccination departments for males & females for their convenience during the process. We’re also fully equipped to manage any kind of emergency that may arise. One may register online or onsite as well, you only need to carry an Aadhaar Card to the vaccination centre.

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