India - The Future Destination for Advanced Cancer Care

11 Jan,23

Cancer is one of the leading causes of morbidity that mankind has ever faced. New discoveries, breakthroughs, and continual progress in cancer treatment have rapidly revolutionized patient care in India. Currently, Oncologists in India are well equipped and experienced; they can provide the right combination of therapies for each patient based on critical parameters such as the type of cancer, stage of the disease, patient age, and several other significant factors. Here we will discuss why India can be the destination for the advanced treatment of cancer.

Cancer Treatment & Therapy:

Cancer therapy includes of the use of surgery, radiation, drugs and other therapies to stop the progression of cancer cells in parts of the body. Following are the three stages of treatment, received as per patient’s specification of the disease caused:

The Preliminary Treatment:

The goal of a primary treatment is to completely eradicate cancer from your body or to destroy all cancer cells.

The Adjuvant Treatment:

This aims to eliminate any cancer cells that remain after initial treatment in order to reduce the probability of recurrence.

The Palliative Treatment:

It may aid in the reduction of both treatment-related and cancer-related adverse effects.

While it is important to understand the stages of treatment and how it is carried out, it is equally crucial to choose the right healthcare destination for cancer care & treatment, starting from diagnosis till remission and recovery.

Major reasons why people should consider India for Cancer Treatments

India has a number of world's elite doctors and cancer treatment programs. With some of the best cancer treatment facilities, India has achieved significant levels of advancements in cancer treatment. Indian specialists are involved in advanced treatment programs, training, and education, all supported by cutting-edge technology, to provide the most ultramodern cancer treatment, combined with economical treatment, establishing India as a global centre for Cancer Care.

Read to know the major reasons why one should opt for India when it comes to cancer treatment:

1. Equipped with latest Machines and Therapies

Cancer hospitals and facilities in India have taken steps to invest in some of the most advanced equipment in the world to enhance the level of care provided, with utmost precision & accuracy. The effect of this expanse in Cancer Treatment has also extended to Faridabad, Delhi-NCR, in centres such as the Sarvodaya Cancer Institute, one of North India’s most advanced cancer care centres at Sarvodaya Hospital, Sec-8, Faridabad. This establishment has grown significantly in recent years, owing to the installation of cutting-edge cancer treatment technologies and therapies.

2. Highly Affordable Treatment

Indian cancer hospitals have renowned and experienced oncologists to treat cancer patients with world-class medications and care. One of the primary reasons why individuals from all over the world choose India for cancer treatment is an economically viable treatment. Furthermore, Cancer Hospitals across Faridabad and Delhi-NCR are well equippedand provide quality cancer treatment and care at affordable costs, making it convenient for people to get treatment here, rather than going far off places that may prove to be costlier.

3. Quality Cancer Hospitals

India is an emerging nation with several vibrant cities, each of which has multiple cancer facilities providing superior care and treatment. Metro cities, such as Delhi and Mumbai, have more than 2-3 highly equipped and sophisticated hospitals, allowing people from all over the world to choose their treatment centres based on cost and quality, making it even more affordable for them to visit India. Sarvodaya Cancer Institute at Sector -8 Faridabad brings together expert minds, advanced technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure that offer a fulfilling experience and optimum care to the patients, making it the preferred cancer-care destination around the world.



India is envisioning the goal of fighting against cancer to the next highest possible level and setting new clinical benchmarks. Sarvodaya Cancer Institute at Sarvodaya Hospital, Sector-8, Faridabad brings the brightest minds in Medical Oncology, Surgical Oncolog, Haemato-Oncology, Bone Marrow Transplant, Radiation Oncology, Paediatric Oncology & Genomic Oncology and more. It caters to over 10,000 cancer patients annually from all over the world and has grown to become one of the best cancer care centres in North India.

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