Gynaecomastia; Regaining the Confidence

03 Sep,21

The term gynaecomastia means breast-like women. This is a condition found in men which presents with excessive enlargement of breast gland tissue. A common misconception among the general public is that men are not supposed to have enlarged breasts. However, science explains that men have women-like breasts by birth but due to hormonal changes occurring around their puberty, it gets suppressed and does not develop further.

Enlargement of breasts may be noticed in males around puberty but they usually subside by themselves in a few years. If they do not subside then they are labeled as gynaecomastia. Other than the abnormal hormonal changes, conditions like obesity, alcoholism, and medications like Digoxin and Spironolactone can give rise to gynaecomastia.

How common is Gynaecomastia in Bodybuilding?

In the modern world, people have become more aware of their appearance and overall physique. The late new trend of bodybuilding in which athletes consume steroids and artificial hormones for bulking up their physique have also given rise to gynecomastia. The consumption of steroids is very detrimental to the human body as it can lead to liver damage.

What is the Treatment of Gynaecomastia?

Specialized methods and advanced surgery for treating gynaecomastia have evolved tremendously. An important thing to note is that though many medical treatments in the form of medicines have been propagated for treating gynaecomastia, however, it's surgery and only surgery that has stood the test of time.

Gynaecomastia has two components, abnormal deposition of Fat & Enlargement of Breast Gland Tissue. To properly correct the deformity it is important to treat both and alongside take care of the skin excess.

Fat removal is done by a minimally invasive method known as liposuction. In this technique, all the fat is emulsified and then sucked out from the chest through small holes. The gland is excised through an open approach. Here the incision is placed in such a way that it eventually gets hidden in the rugosities of the areola and is not seen after some time.

After the procedure, one has to wear a pressure garment or jacket for 8 to 12 weeks to drape back the skin, post which it is difficult to say that any surgery was performed and the person can be confident about his chest appearance without any inhibitations. The surgery aims to reduce the size of the breast and restore a normal appearance. One only needs to approach the right surgeon who has adequate knowledge and expertise to get optimum results. 

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