Good News! Pregnancy will now be COVID-19 safe

09 Jul,21

The never-ending and continuously mutating COVID-19 pandemic brought huge concerns for couples who are pregnant or are planning to conceive. The concern of contracting COVID infection by expecting mothers and passing it on to their fetus, locked many women in their homes and many didn’t planned to conceive at all.

Based on the recommendations of the expert panel National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI), Union Ministry of Health and Family welfare, Government of India has announced that pregnant women is eligible to take the vaccine against COVID-19.

Benefits of Vaccine for Pregnant Women & their Fetus

There has been a high risk of transmission of COVID-19 virus in the women who are expecting , which may also affect the fetus. To reduce the complications, it is Important for Moms-to-be to get vaccinated. COVID-19 vaccination reduces the chances of infection for the conceived woman & her fetus; and hence protects them from any harm that might possibly be caused due to COVID-19.

In which Trimester a  pregnant women should get vaccinated ?

‘Earlier the better’

According to government guidelines, it is advisable for an expecting mother to get the vaccine as soon as possible. Every trimester is safe to get jabbed and be in an immunity circle. And just in case she has been infected with COVID-19 already, then she can get her vaccination after 84 days like others. 

Vaccination may bring usual minor symptoms for 1-3 days like fever, headache, pain etc at the sight of vaccination on arm etc. which is completely normal and manageable. Just in case of any prolonged illness, the pregnant woman must consult the doctor.

COVID ideal conduct is still required to be followed, at all times before & after the vaccination; proper wearing of mask, social distancing and regular washing of hands.

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