Child Care


Centre for Child Care at Sarvodaya Hospital has state-of-the-art facility in Faridabad and provides excellent and highly personalized medical care to children up to twelve years of age. We are a one-stop destination for childcare services that includes surgical, paediatric and immunisation services. We have a team of experienced paediatricians and paediatric surgeons who specialise in paediatric surgery, paediatric endocrinology, paediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery, paediatric pulmonology, paediatric nephrology, paediatric oncology, and adolescent paediatric


Treatment Program


General Paediatric

  • Well baby Clinic for monitoring regular growth and development of the babies
  • Thalassemia clinic to take care of the basic health needs of the thalassemic kids Immunization clinic comprehensive
  • Immunization service for all vaccines for preventable diseases under close medical supervision

Neonatal &Paediatric Surgery

The department is supported by neonatal transport service, very highly equipped neonatal intensive care & endoscopic equipments. Specialized facilities exist for management of emergencies and surgical problems in infants & children. The hospital is committed to provide best care in a patient friendly setting at an affordable cost.

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